I am Theogar!

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I am Theogar!

Post by Theogar the Oathsworn on Mon Jul 11, 2016 10:10 pm

My name is Theogar. I am Oathsworn to Irial, chieftess of the Aldari.

I have travelled the length and breadth of Istaria in search of skill and wisdom. My sword has slain many men, but my mind has slain more. I have learned the strategy of warfare, and I know how to turn the course of a battle when the day seems lost. At the Battle of the Fallen Throne, when my commander was killed, I took control of just one hundred warriors against one thousand, and lived to see victory. I am happy to aid other warriors in their campaigns and teach them the art of warfare.

But, when you're patrolling the roads of Usar, and you hear the faint shouts of warriors in the mountains, or the long bellows of Usari war horns, not even my teachings can save you. When a wall of spears and shields and swords come out from ahead of you, and a hundred thunderous war horses from behind, know I cannot save you, for the strength of Usar is matched only by the stubbornness of the mountains themselves.

Theogar the Oathsworn
"My Sword is my Quill"
Theogar the Oathsworn

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